It all began in 2011 …

Over the years, The Woolf team has hosted a fantastic range of industry professionals for annual full-day workshops and panel discussions.

Guests include independently and traditionally published writers, publishers, agents and designers.

Every event is designed to nurture the incredible diversity of talent and skills of our local community in Zürich and beyond, and to offer a place for writers to network and to meet and support other writers on the journey.

Previous events

1-2 October 2011

Amanda Hodgkinson (author)

Andrew Crofts (author, ghostwriter)

27-28 October 2012

Emma Darwin (author, teacher)

Joanna Penn (authorpreneur, publisher)

Andrew Lownie (agent)

Susan Jane Gilman (author)

26 January 2013 TIPE: The Independent Publishing Event

Joanna Penn (authorpreneur, publisher)

Jane Dixon Smith (author, designer, publisher)

25 January 2014 Writing 4 Young People

Julia Churchill (agent)

Sara O’Connor (publisher)

21-22 March 2015

Roz Morris (Nail Your Novel)

Richard Harvell (Bergli Books)

Sophie Schmidt (epubli)

Andrew Rushton (NordSud Verlag)

Hadi Barkat (Helvetiq)

21-22 May 2016

WriteCon 16 Jessica Bell (author, designer)

Helen Lewis (Literally PR)

5 November 2016

Jason Donald (author, writing coach)

Lindsey Grant (author, NaNoWriMo Program Director)

11 November 2017

Diccon Bewes (author and speaker)

David Penny (independent author, IT and Facebook marketing expert)

10 November 2018

Alison Baverstock (author, Associate Prof. Publishing Kingston Univ.)

Louise O’Neill (author, multi international award-winner)